The iconic woman of Daniela Gonzalez Luxury Shoes  can be defined wild and sophisticated. Jewels on the rocks, the nature itself transforms the ethereal beauty. The inspiration comes from the expanses of salt water that crash against the arid rocks, from the sun, the earth, the nature, the deepest essence of things. The shoes seem to be gems set in stone, to show off as a treasure. An exclusive, sophisticated and valuable collection that reveal all the research and the stylistic growing up of the Italian-Brazilian designer.

A reminder of nature and wild spirit in the materials and stones colors that embellish five-inch heels sandals, pumps and loafers by dandy references. The undisputed protagonist is the color of the fine leathers: python turns into shiny silver and iridescent multicolor; the chamois is teal, fuchsia and black; the bright shades of applications embellish all the models of the collection.

The collection signed by Daniela Gonzalez is greatly crafted and full of creativity. That luxury to wear with personality.

Black Diamond collection